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About TelcoSolve

Incorporated, Registered & Certified with ISO 9001-2015 QMS, we're privately held Company at Bangalore, India.

TelcoSolve, a G20-DIA (Digital Innovation Alliance) Summit Recognized Startup, offers a robust 70+ solution that combines telecommunications network management with cutting-edge cybersecurity products. Collaboratively, we deliver innovative solutions that enhance security, aligning with carbon-neutral goals and sustainable resource utilization. Leveraging AI-powered threat detection, secure network architecture, and risk management frameworks, our solution fortifies organizations against cyber threats, ensuring data integrity.

Discover how TelcoSolve can transform the Telecommunication-IT-ITES sector for a more secure world. We also are in regular professional touch with international industry associations such as: Prestigious Indian Instituteof Science (IISc’s) CysecK Cybersecurity Cohort, NASSCOM (India), KDEM (Bengaluru, Karnataka), K-Tech (Bengaluru, Karnataka), Department for International Trade (The United Kingdom), Hub Brussels (Belgium), and we have completed Stanford Graduate School of Business’s Seed Spark Entrepreneurship Program. This keeps very much us in synch with Global Industry Standards.

Our Experience

At TelcoSolve™®, we have projects experience with Telcos, ISPs, Telecom Equipment vendors, Telecom Software and 3PP vendor partners. And this helps you in expressing your requirements to us with clarity, so that we understand your requirements from 360-degree perspective around multi-vendor & multi-platform environment yet adhering to global Frameworks and Standards such as eTOM, ITIL, ETSI, TOSCA, to name few.

Our focus is on Cost Efficiency with Opex & Capex, Accuracy of Solutions, Speed of Execution, and Stakeholder Satisfaction, by helping you realize your ambitions through professionally qualified, and globally recognized teams associated with TelcoSolve™®, for you.

Our Team has experience in variety of projects since several decades starting from Radio Networks, to modern digitized network operation center (NOC), Data Center, consisting of distributed ecosystems and managing their life cycle from conventional types to latest technological including CDD, CI-CD, DevOps, Virtualization, Microservice Architecture, & Hybrid Cloud environments.

Leadership Team


Co-Founder, CEO




Non-Executive Advisor


Non-Executive Advisor

Collaborators Speak

Pleased to have partnered with TelcoSolve, a budding team which focuses on improving CapEx & OpEx for Telco’s/CSPs/ISPs with their eco-system Life Cycle Management Solutions through their expertise in the industry.

Pankaj Shah,

CEO & Founder, Gambit Communications (Mimic Software)

Boston, USA

An amazing, growth-potential talent team of folks! It is always awesome to have these people around during several telecom project due diligence, requirement gathering, feasibility analysis, and end-to-end solutioning with highest degree of commitment and standards from telecom industry, which is direct reflection of their immense experience in the domain! Happy to have associated with Team TelcoSolve!

Srihari Karanth

Founder, TrackMyPhones

Bangalore, India

Prospective Team with highly Potential Talent for every Communication Tech’ Segment.

Santhosh Kadam

Director, Zealium Technologies

Pune, India

“TelcoSolve, an inspiring partner with us, with their immense and versatile Telecom industry projects experience in OSS/BSS domain. And their continued perseverance to engage with multiple communications tech industry variants such as DataCom, and SatCom to look for every possibility to leverage collaborative knowledge and best practices is palpable in their genes”

Sridhar Jakkula

Director, Param Technologies Ltd

Herent Drive Clayhall, United Kingdom

Pleasure to collaborate with TelcoSolve, a very passionate and brilliant team in the Telecom, IT, ITES industry segment projects, globally.
We have our professional bonding multiplied from our Stanford Edu based Seed Spark Program for Entrepreneurs!!

Avi Chudasama,

Co-Founder and CEO

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Co-Founder, CEO

Shiva’s extensive two-decade global experience spans Telecom Operators, CSPs/ISPs, Telecom IT/ITES/Equipment Vendors, and relevant industry affiliations. His expertise is in Communication Technologies, Network Operation Center, SOC, Data Center, and Telecom Industry Modernization Projects.

Shiva is an accomplished Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer from the prestigious BIET institute, where he has studied deep Communication Technologies including Analogue & Digital Communication Systems, Control Systems, Satellite Communication, Space Radio Signal Polarization and Transponder Functionalities to name few.

After successfully completing Seed Spark Entrepreneurship Program under Stanford Graduate School of Business, he is presently undergoing Cybersecurity Cohort at prestigious IISc (Indian Institute of Science) from CySecK. He has been instrumental in getting TelcoSolve recognized by the prestigious G20-DIA Summit (India), and putting TelcoSolve on global map by receiving selection at the prestigious IMC (India Mobile Congress) among Exhibitor startups!

At TelcoSolve, he plays a key role in fostering global collaborations with government bodies and private companies, leading to joint & sustainable solution offerings in the Telecommunication, IT,  and ITES industry segments.

For more information, kindly visit the Company’s website, and also Shiva’s LinkedIn profile.



Arun comes with well experienced professional background in the Legal Domain, and he has represented several corporates of international standard in past. Presently he is extending guidance and advice on the company’s progress on several aspects.


Non-Executive Advisor

Srihari is the Founder of Bangalore based Startup, TrackMyPhones Mobile Solutions Private Limited. He has more than decade of experience in the Telecommunication and allied industry segments. He is well travelled and a growing entrepreneur. We at TelcoSolve™ seek his advice on various aspects at technical business decisions.


Non-Executive Advisor

Sridhar is Founder Director of UK based startup, Param Technologies Pvt Limited, and comes with more than a decade of experience in IT, ITES, and Telecommunication industry segments. He is based out of United Kingdom. We at TelcoSolve™ seek his advice on several business decisions.

Our History

The employees here at TelcoSolve™ are from early days of Modern Communication Technology / GSM / Wireless Mobile Communication / Analog to Digital Transformation of Services, that grew from ground level work. Could it be with Radio Network Management, OR Could it be Centrally Organized Network & Service Monitoring Center (NOC/SOC) activities.. our employees have lived, loved and leveraged all their  learnings from entire journey in Communication Tech’ space, which resulted in bringing this company up, with their strong  passion instilled!

As our Vision statement represents: We would like to collaborate and partner with likeminded professionals, institutions, organizations, and representative bodies alike to meet requirements of Communication Tech’ services world. And at same time, to help every being on Planet to live with dignity & respect, irrespective of any differences, since, we live on an inclusive planet that hosts diversity of life!

Our Vision

Telecommunication & Communication Tech’ Services industry segments have been lifeline for the new millennia. Could it be in reducing corruption connecting each and every individual on the Planet, connecting the hybrid platforms, systems, elements and/or devices that cut-cross several industry segments in making intelligent, logical, ethical & lawful decisions on the actionable data/reports.

Here at TelcoSolve™, we would like to collaborate and partner with likeminded professionals, institutions, organizations, and representative bodies alike to meet requirements of Communication Tech’ services world. And at same time, to help every being on Planet to live with dignity & respect, irrespective of any differences, since, we live on an inclusive planet that hosts diversity of life!

Our Workplace Policy:

TelcoSolve® has updated its workplace policy effective January 2023, which includes the following provisions:

  1. Currently, TelcoSolve operates under Hybrid Work Norms and has seating arrangements at NASSCOM®’s facilities in Bangalore City, India, supported by the Karnataka State Government.
  2. For client-facing projects, a mutual workplace policy agreement will be signed between TelcoSolve and its clients before any project assignments commence. This agreement will also cover global compliances such as IFRS15, IR35, OHS, GST/iGST, LUT, IEC, etc. based on the business requirements of the project.
  3. For projects requiring onsite presence of TelcoSolve employees, they will abide by the workplace policy of the client’s office in that geography.
  4. Incentives for both Fixed-Term and Rolling Contracts will be mutually agreed and accepted between TelcoSolve management and its employees before project assignments commence.
  5. Regional and country-specific vaccination policies will be in place in mutual agreement with clients and commercial partners.
  6. For reverse engineering services, such engagements will fully comply with the region and country-specific trade laws and client contracts, including working on outdated systems and end-of-service products.